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Green Business Development promotes and develops ground-breaking technologies in various fields and with a strong emphasis on green technologies.

Our Team offers a blend of inter-disciplinary know-how, from Industrial Engineering and "lean" process management through International commerce and environmental engineering.

The Green International Network

In the last 20 years, we've managed and promoted dozens of projects in all 5 continents, during this period, we've established a vast network of trusted and professional international affiliates distributed around the globe.

Our affiliates specialize in evaluating business opportunities in their local regions thus providing our network with its unique global yet deep-seated expertise.


Company News

EZpack completed its second funding round  - June 2014
EZPack water completed its second funding round with a list of  international private angles. The funds will be used  in order to intensify the company sales and marketing efforts and help EZPack enhance new products developments.
EZPack launches the "JerryFlex" - June 2014
As part of it's outdoor and defence equipment operations , EZpack expended it's products portfolio and completed the development of a new product - the JerryFlex.
The JerryFlex is a patented double-layer flexible water storage solution for 4WD vehicles. The JerryFlex ensures the supply of high-quality water, requires no cleaning and can be used for water and gas with just an inner liner replacement.
The world's largest Floating solar system project, lake Volta, Ghana - April 2014
Green Business Development Ltd and it's affiliate company in Ghana , "Fiak Ventures Ltd" partnered with the French floating-solar PV systems manufacturer"Ciel et Terre" to launch the world's largest floating PV field on lake volta in Ghana. The project is now in its feasibility-study  stage.
The first design for floating solar system project in Israel , Maale Gilboa - March 2014
French "Ciel et Terre" and  Green Business Development Ltd jointly submitted an initial design for the first PV floating system in Israel. The floating system will be constructed on "Maale Gilboa" fish ponds. Apart from the production of "green" electricity, the floating system reduces water evaporation, prevents birds fishing and increases water quality

Consulting & Services

Based on many years of experience the company is offering targeted consulting services.

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Representing Foreign companies that are looking to establish presence in the Israeli market