Advisory Board

Prof. Michal Green

Prof. Michal GreenProfessor Green is a full professor in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion, Israel. She is an expert in biological wastewater treatment.

Dr. John Ashley – Consultant

Dr. Ashley is based in Jaffa, Israel. He has science degrees from Cambridge and London Universities, and has lived and worked for 30 years in many developing countries, particularly in Africa and south and west Asia.
His career started with devising technical solutions to relieve rural poverty, yet has moved increasingly into planning and facilitating solutions that involve consultation with, and active participation of, intended beneficiaries.
He is familiar with strategy/ project formulation, implementation, management and assessment, especially with projects financed by international organizations, such as EC, DfID, IBRD, AfDB, FAO, IFAD and IDRC.
He has run training and research programs for governments and universities, helping to improve national capability in the agriculture and food sector, and has served as an adviser to several national Presidents and Ministers.

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