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aviatours- Pilgrims groups to the Holy Land

Aviatours is a New York based tour operator specializing in Pilgrims groups to the Holy Land. Established in 1990 Aviatours has invested over nineteen years in developing groups and individual tour packages for all denominations.

Gezer Shlout- Carrot Production

Yoffi, has been producing Carrots for over 60 years, and is one of the leading farmers in Israel.

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Green ELMF Cables Ltd – Extremely Low Magnetic Field Cables

Electric cables and wires with an extremely low self external magnetic field and low sensitivity to existing external magnetic fields. The patented technology was developed in the Technion, Haifa.
Green Business Development Ltd. has the world wide exclusive rights for manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the Low Magnetic Field Cables.



EzPack presents a comprehensive and advanced solution for water storage and distribution before, during, and after disaster strikes.

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Ciel et Terre- Floating PV

Ciel et Terre- Pioneers in the French photovoltaic sector, design, develop and operate solar photovoltaic installations.

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VMT (Visuo-Motor-test) method that is used for movement disorder analysis, was developed by Prof. Hocherman, of the faculty of medicine at the Technion. The method is the most advanced of its kind providing an early detection of PD symptoms.
Green LTD. is a share holder and a co-founder responsible for international business development.

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