China Gateway

“Green Technologies – China”, located in the Shanghai-Suzhou area, was established with threefold missions in mind: 

  1. Provide Sourcing services to the “Platform” members as well as to others
  2. Provide Local services (purchasing) in China
  3. Acting as a business match maker as part of the “Platform” activity

 Sourcing Services

 Our office is well connected to large number of suppliers in China that offer a wide range of products. Bellow please find partial list of our products (please consult the detailed catalog for additional information):

  • Molecular Diagnostic kits
  • Essential oils
  • Flavor and Fragrance Ingredients
  • Natural Color Extracts
  • Cooling agents
  • UV Sunscreens
  • Sweeteners
  • Peptide reagents and peptides
  • Peptide modifications
  • Antibodies
  • Intermediates
  • APIs
  • Chloride and Bromide quats

 Service Provider

Our China office serves as a Purchasing Arm to various activities. Our office offers the following services:

  •  Searching and locating suppliers for required products.
  • Establish communication with local companies.
  • Exporting and delivering goods or samples via our local forwarders
  • Perform audit visit to supplier site on a periodical basis or on a pre- shipment event.
  • Coordinate all the relevant communication with Chinese manufacturers.
  • Participate in relevant exhibitions and seminars held in China.
  • Support trip planning including meetings, flights and hotels.
  • Escorting of business meeting for on-line translation of discussions as well as documentation translation.  

 These services are provided once approved budget for all activities has been confirmed by customer.

China Match Making

As a “Match Maker”, our office will search the right business partner and focal-point for every relevant technology that will be introduced by the “Platform””

  •  Match between the Israeli and other manufacturers and potential Chinese companies, distributors or agents.
  • Self-distribute selected product lines.
  • Support the establishment of J.V. between Israeli’s companies and Chinese partners.
  • Identify and approach Chinese investors for selected Startups, R&D projects, and more.

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