Business Strategy Consulting

Green Business Development is highly experienced in planning and leading strategic programs that call for overseas expansions, using various business models for “Partnership In Business”.

Green Business Development assumes the role of the “Guide to the New Territories” while leading the process, step by step –

  • Defining  the Business Partner role  and characteristics (“Who should we look for”)
  • Locating  potential partners and selecting the most suitable one
  • Defining and formulating  an initial Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)
  • Negotiating and formulating the deal structure
  • Preparing  the Business Model for the new venture
  • Developing full scale Business Plan
  • Negotiating   and formulating the Head Of Agreement (HOA)
  • Working with the legal consultants on the detailed agreement
  • Preparing a full scale implementation plan, for the “Day After” the agreement is signed.

In addition, the Green Business Development team will take part in all other aspects of the proposed strategy. This includes tax considerations, financial regulations and corporate structure, thus optimizing the program accordingly.

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