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Seeking for International Business Partners and projects ( Lakes, Ponds, Roofs)

Ciel et Terre- Pioneers in the French photovoltaic sector, design, develop and operate solar photovoltaic installations.

Ciel et Terre, specialized in the innovative development of new floating photovoltaic projects that provides the answer to the lack of space for large scale projects of photovoltaic energy.

The installation situated in the center of the water area does not have any impact on either the banks or the surrounding biodiversity such as the fauna and flora. This new way of designing solar electricity is technically viable and economically profitable.

These projects, varying from 1 MWc to 12 MWc, are developed on lake sites formed from gravel extraction that range from five to fifty hectares and enable us to use large disused water areas to produce solar electricity.

The sites include Irrigation reservoirs, artificial flood reservoir, industrial water reservoirs and large scale wet areas and moreā€¦


  • Large areas available with distinct possibilities
  • Technology can be dismantled and totally recycled
  • No conflict in using land and no landscape impacts (no use of tourist areas or conservation areas)
  • Utilise land that is not fit for any recreational purpose.
  • Limited impact on biodiversity, fauna and flora of the surrounding water site.
  • Technology designed in order for a site to be returned to its natural state if required.
  • Neither excavation work or banks occupation necessary
  • Reduces water evaporation and preserves water freshness and quality.
  • Prevents against organic and algae growth
  • No pollution risk from the equipment as it is eco-friendly that adapts to difficult sites
  • Technology that is designed for wet areas, and resistant in the event of flooding

The company is looking for new distributors and new partners around the globe.

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