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The most advanced method providing an early detection of Parkinson Disease symptoms.

VMT is a breakthrough computer based diagnostic procedure encompasses a highly desirable diagnostic tool in the movement disorders clinic. There is not a similar system in the market and the comparison is made vs. the traditional diagnostic methods which are time consuming, less accurate and do not provide quantified results:

About us

Shraga Hocherman

CTO - Prof. Shrapa Hocherman

, a renown scientist in the field of movement disorder, spent almost twenty years of research (the faculty of medicine, Technion, Israel Inst. of Technology, Haifa, Israel) to develop a new sensitive computerized procedure for early and for differential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (PD).
Shalom Green

CEO - Eng. Shalom Green.

Shalom is Industrial Engineer by profession (Technion, Haifa, Israel). He has vast experience in Sales, manufacturing and managerial positions including Medical Device sector.


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Intellectual property

The system's physical characteristics and the method used are protected by US patent number 5,772,611, dated Jun. 30, 1998. A PCT application (number US95/17078 ) was filed on December 1995, and published in July 1996 (publication number WO 96/20643). An FDA 510(k) submission has received approval (K971549). The indication for use is as follows: "The VMT System is designed for the evaluation of visuo-motor performance disturbances".